They Must Birth Us or Fuck Us to Love Us

Camara Lundestad Joof’s debut as house dramatist at the National Theatre has been called “a newly written classic” and “the theatre we need now”.

In this play, three women argue about the intimate, the political, and the transgressive. They talk, discuss, argue, and look at the world differently, but the world’s view of them is often considered limiting. The theater text is a stream of humour, apt formulations, vulnerability, anger, and intensity. It’s about racism and sexuality, longings and polarization – and the eternal responsibility for how others view you. Are you always obliged to stand up for your cause? Must your rage always be groundbreaking and constructive? Or can you allow yourself just to be offended?

This book contains both stage scripts and original scripts. Fully translated English manuscript available.

Through dream logic, captivating stories, and striking allegories, it visualizes how we look at and relate to each other. On the surface, the text may seem sharp, satirical, and sarcastic. If you take a closer look, it is also tender and full of love. This contrast feels deeply engaging and intensifying. This year’s best stage text is a captivating, wild, furious, energetic, and hyper-smart script.

Hedda Awards, from the jury’s statement

Camara Lundestad Joof delivers a newly written classic. (…) They Must Birth Us or Fuck Us to Love Us fulfills our sky-high expectations – and then some.

Subjekt, about the play

A political and social battle-script on behalf of us all. It is also fantastically good theatre.

Dagsavisen, about the play