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Family Values

Storm Sandberg is about to lose everything. But first, he’s going to declare bankruptcy.

He convinces his wife that the big paddle hall came before its time – even though it’s not the first time he’s said the exact same thing about his business projects. But has she reached her limit? Can she keep putting up with all of his whims and financial problems?
He also has the worst parents in the world, including his mother, Gerd Bye – the famous theatre director. Once a month, she gathers her children, grandchildren, ex-husbands, and their wives for utterly incomprehensible dinners where everyone talks and no one listens.With no money and no real prospects for the future, Storm stakes everything on one last bet to save his marriage, his finances, and his own honour: He decides he’s going to set up the Greek tragedy Medeia as a musical – with a twinkle in his eye.
Family Values is a novel about the thin line between wealth and destruction, between community and loneliness. The result is furious, relentless, and incredibly entertaining.

Family Values is a gentle satire written with energy and wit. Humor and gravity go hand in hand… What a hilarious book!


You mustn’t let liars like Storm into your life, but you should absolutely read this book about him… The talented Jens M. Johansson writes entertainingly about a guy who is so desperate to prove that he matters, but doesn’t quite manage it.

Stavanger Aftenblad

Family Values is a comedy and a parody, modern-day life to the extreme – but the book is also sad. The author’s success lies in this combination… [Johansson] deserves a round of applause.


As usual, Johansson writes well and with a twist, the story is easy to read, and humor is always close at hand…The depictions of the family gatherings are particularly enjoyable.


Jens M. Johansson has written an incredible and nuanced book about a liar and his family. You don’t always need to describe a hell of a lot to be a good author, but Johansson can and has – and in his case, it’s a good thing someone is describing a whole hell of a lot.

Dag og Tid

Funny and tender portrait of a mendacious self-deceiver.


A novel that will stay at the top of the list of the year’s best books – and rightly so. Jens M. Johansson has established himself amongst Norway’s very best authors.