Thomas Moldestad

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Thomas Moldestad is an Oslo-based screenwriter who studied at Den norske filmskolen (The Norwegian Film School) and has more than 20 years in the business. His track record includes feature films and drama series spanning a wide range of genres for both adults and children.
Moldestad is perhaps most known for his thriller and horror manuscripts, including Cold Prey (Fritt vilt), Escape (Flukt), and Tainted (Skitten snø).
The Netflix original series The Conference will be launched in 2023.
His work also includes manuscripts for crime feature films Varg Veum (2007, 2008 and 2010), the feature film Gold Run (Gulltransporten, 2022) – currently Viaplay’s most successful feature film ever – and ZombieLars (2017-2019), an exciting comedy drama series for kids.
Moldestad has the pleasure of working with the very best filmmakers in Norway, such as Tommy Wirkola, Roar Uthaug, Morten Tyldum and Hallvard Bræin.
He won the Amanda Prize for best screenplay for Varg Veum – Bitter Flowers (Bitre Blomster) with co-writer Siv Rajendram in 2008.

In development

The Conference – A Netflix Original (2023)


Gold Run/Gulltransporten (2022) – writer
Leave (2022) – writer
Tainted/Skitten snø (2019) – writer
Zombie Lars (2017) – writer
Two Buddies and a Badger/Knutsen & Ludvigsen og den fæle Rasputin (2015) – writer
Mysteriet på Sommerbåten (2015) – writer
Escape/Flukt (2012) – story
Magic Silver II/Blåfjell 2: Jakten på det magiske horn (2011) – screenplay
Varg Veum – The Writing on the Wall/Skriften på veggen(2010) – screenplay
Magic Silver/Julenatt i blåfjell (2009) – screenplay
Cold Prey 2/Fritt Vilt II (2008) – screenplay, story
Varg Veum – Fallen Angels/Falne Engler(2008) – writer
Varg Veum – Bitter Flowers/Bitre Blomster (2007) – screenplay
Kalde føtter (2006) – writer
Cold Prey/Fritt Vilt (2006) – story