Barefoot Over the Ice

It is Winter in Hurum 1875, the fog drifts across the fields, the fjord freezes over and the beaches around Holmsbu are blemished by maltreated cat bodies.

Thomas Tinnvik is sheriff in Hurum for some years, he lives alone and keep a distance to most people in the little town.From his window, Thomas has a view of the magnificent villa called “The Palace.” During the crushingly lonely nights he seeks comfort from the light of the Palace’s tower – where his closest friend, the elderly Miss Parelius lies ill, surrounded by her large book collection. The two friends share the love for books. It comes as a relief for most when Parelius dies, but the fact that a book is stolen from her room, is viewed by Tinnvik as most disturbing. Because something has happened that has changed everything for him. The past, which he has managed to keep secret until now, comes to Holmsbu with a young man, and Tinnvik decides to act. The sheriff begins to plan a murder.

Barefoot over the ice is both a cleverly constructed, classical mystery, and a gothic LGBTH love story.