Dear Dad

We are different men now

Why is it so difficult to accept that our parents, those who always have been strong and responsible, suddenly become old? Is it because we ourselves have to realize that we for real have become adults?

In this personal book, Kjartan Brügger Bjånesøy explores what it is to grow older. He writes about his father who is hit by a stroke. The the once strong workman must accept that he has become another man, he needs help with more and more daily tasks. And Kjartan himself, a child of the 70s, gradually understands that he himself has become a middle-aged man with responsibilities and duties.
Dear dad is a book full of love, self-irony, nostalgia and sincerity. It is a warm portrait of a family and a wise book about the times that pass and how to enter into new stages of life, getting new roles.

In “Dear Dad”, Kjartan Brügger Bjånesøy writes wisely about what it does to us to see our own parents become old and frail…Although “Dear Dad” is categorized as non-fiction, it is literally at the height of much Norwegian fiction.

VG, Gabriel Michael Vosgraff Moro

With an exceptional precise pen he depicts one of our culture’s most obvious role changes:
The time has come to give, more than you get.

Bergens Tidende, Guri Fjeldberg

I believe in the author, the strength of the book is it’s honesty and self-irony, which never develops into banal humor. The deep gravity and the sharp language are of high quality.

Vårt Land