A knitting phenomenon from Norway! #UrbanKnitting went straight to the top of the bestseller list when published and stayed there for more than 30 weeks. Since then, five more #UrbanKnitting books have been published, and more than 120,000 books have been sold in Norway alone!

Ingunn Myklebust, one of Norway’s most popular knitters with 84,000 followers on Instagram, has collected her most famous designs in this book. Ingunn’s speciality is to combine unique traditional patterns with self-developed colour schemes into garments you can use in your urban life as well as for leisure.

Elegant and trendy, and easy to knit for everyone. The diagrams for the different patterns are made in a readable size, and each round of patterns is numbered, which makes it easier to follow.

With patterns for adults and children, women and men – and even sweaters to your four-legged friend – this surely is a book that will inspire.

There are six books in this series: #UrbanKnitting, #UrbanKnitting For All, #UrbanKnitting No. 3, Even More #UrbanKnitting, #UrbanKnitting No. 5, and Colour Party.

I love to combine tradition with modernity, to find new colour combinations and think a little different when I develop new patterns. My garments can definitely be worn with high heels!

Ingunn Myklebust