Wilderness Sweaters 3

With more than a quarter of a million books sold in 8 countries, Linka Neumann has become the Queen of Knitting!

Outdoor life has always been a big part of knitting designer Linka Neuman’s life, and she is dedicated to knitting sweaters that not only look tough, but also withstand rough weather. Linka is inspired by people who live a little differently and dare to invest in what they believe in. Her Wilderness Sweaters have joined adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts on strenuous trips in both forests and the mountains – and even on expeditions to Canada and Mount Everest.

In this book, she shares a playful and colourful mix of patterns. The cardigans and sweaters are knitted in soft and delicate wool on thick needles. This makes the garments versitle, and they are equally suitable for everyday as they are for outdoor activities.