How to be your own therapist

Therapy is the process of working on yourself, according to psychologist Peder Kjøs. He himself has significantly improved his life after becoming his own therapist.

It should really be simple to feel better: Drink less. Eat healthier. Talk about what troubles you. The people who come to see therapist Peder Kjøs for help have tried everything.

Going to a therapist is not like going under anesthesia, where the work is done when you wake up. The most significant contribution always comes from the client. The most crucial aspect of feeling better is understanding why you perceive something as a problem. You must take the problem seriously and figure out how to take responsibility for it. Then, you must work through it to make room for something else.

To improve our well-being, the experienced psychologist Peder Kjøs uses the knowledge, experiences, and methods he has acquired through his work as a therapist. In this intimate and warm book, he shares what has helped him, hoping that it can also help you.