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Everything you should know about dementia and how it can be prevented

More people are developing dementia or are at risk of developing it. The good news is that dementia diseases can be prevented, inhibited, and slowed down.

In the book “Dementia”, Norway’s foremost dementia researcher, Professor Geir Selbæk, introduces completely new and previously unknown risk factors for developing dementia, sharing nowledge about the connection between the individual lifestyle factors and dementia risk, why there is a connection, and how you yourself can influence the risk.

Dr. Selbæk demonstrates how each and every one can reduce these risk factors, thus lowering the chances of developing cognitive impairment.

Perhaps the best and most important book about the cluster of brain disorders that fall under the concept of dementia. ‘Dementia’ hits the mark for anyone who fears, knows someone with, or is themselves experiencing early-stage dementia.

Jan Øyvind Helgesen, Nettavisen