A handbook in good climate choices

The book that helps you calculate the climate footprint of your everyday life – and shows you which measures are most effective.

Are electric cars really climate-friendly? How bad is that flight to London after all? And what is the climate effect of waiting a year to buy a new mobile phone? Now you can stop wondering and look it up: The Big Guide to Climate-Friendly Living has the answer. With lots of interesting facts, instructive and easy-to-understand illustrations and calculations of almost a thousand small and large climate footprints, this book gives you all the knowledge you need to make good climate choices.
No one can save the climate alone: If we are to solve the climate crisis, collective action and structural change are required. But everyone can make a difference. Everyone who wants to live more climate-friendly sends important signals to politicians, business and the community. Still, it is easy to get confused in the maze of constantly shifting advice.
Author Thomas Horne has collected updated information on how our lives affect the climate, whether we are talking about housing, transport and holiday travel, or clothing and diet. Through text, tables and illustrations, the author shows you the effect of your various everyday choices. You will be able to calculate your own climate footprint and compare different measures. And you will get lots of climate-smart tips and important information along the way.