I Talk About It All the Time

I Talk About It All Time time is a testimony, an appeal, and a self-examination. Camara Lundestad Joof was born in Norway to a Norwegian mother and a Gambian father. Based on Lundestad Joof’s bestselling book from 2018, this play depicts how the racism she constantly experiences, infects her days and controls her thoughts.

When people ask me where I come from, I deliberately misunderstand. I answer Sandefjord. And when they ask where I really come from, I answer Bodø.

If she got what she wanted, playwright and author Camara Lundestad Joof would have stopped talking about racism a long time ago. She would much rather write novels about vampires in space, but science fiction will have to wait while Camara turns our attention to reality – and the way it’s shaped her.

The Book I Talk About it All the Time bears witness to the truth about racism in Norway. Through a series of stories about and reflections on her own life, Camara describes how racism has infected her everyday life and thoughts. How it’s changed the way she moves through the world and relates to other people.

Through the stories, we take part in the doubt and fear that everything she does and all the work she puts in won’t be of any use in the end. That it won’t make any difference. She searches through her memories. What if she’s remembering things wrong? How will anyone believe her then?

The book I Talk About it All the Time got rave reviews and has been reprinted five times and has now been rewritten for theater.

Most people are against articulated and visible racism, so what Joof often focuses on is instead the small comments, neglect, and silence.


Speaks right to my heart. It tears and tugs at my skin and pokes at my emotions.

VOKS Tidsskrift

Passionate and vulnerable about being a person of color in Norway.