Thomas Mala starts as editor at Forlaget Press

Portrett thomas, ilja c. hendel

Thomas Mala will start as an editor at Forlaget Press, but he does not cut the ties to Northern Stories.

- This is the dream job, so I simply could not say no. Since I finished my literary studies in the early 2000s, a position as a publishing editor has been an ambition, says Thomas Mala.

Jan 5, 2021

Now came the opening, at his old workplace Forlaget Press, where Mala worked for a number of years as Sales and Marketing manager – until he started the agency Northern Stories in March 2017 together with Astrid Dalaker.

In January, he will be in place as an editor in Kongens gate. The next few months will offer a smooth transition from the agency to the publishing job, until he is in a full editor job over the summer. But he does not intend to let go of his involvement in Northern Stories:

- This is a long-term commitment for me. I will still be involved in the agency, and have 50/50 ownership with Astrid Dalaker, says Thomas Mala.

Standing strong

- I have a great understanding that Thomas makes the choice he now makes, and I am glad that he wants to be part of the team also in the future, says Astrid Dalaker, who is not worried about the agency’s future:

- This means that we must make some adjustments about how we organize our work internationally. In practical terms, this means, among other things, that we have now entered into cooperation with skilled sub-agents in both France and Italy, which will strengthen our presence in these countries, says Astrid Dalaker, and adds:

- Northern Stories is today stronger than ever, and we see particularly exciting movements on the TV and film front. There we hopefully have some great news to offer in the near future.