Agnes Ravatn shortlisted for the CWA Crime Fiction in Translation Dagger


Agnes Ravatn is nominated for the prestigious CWA Crime Fiction in Translation Dagger for her thriller The Seven Doors. She is in good company, amoung the 5 final titles you will also find other esteemed authors like Fredrik Backman and Mikael Niemi, as well as Roxanne Bouchard, Yun Ko-eun and D A Mishani.

Apr 19, 2021

Karen Sullivan, publisher in Orenda Books states: “We are elated to see Agnes Ravatn’s The Seven Doors (translated by Rosie Hedger) shortlisted for the prestigious CWA Crime Fiction in Translation Dagger. These are the oldest crime-fiction awards in the UK, and it is a considerable achievement to beat some outstanding international thrillers to feature here. The Seven Doors is a sophisticated, elegantly plotted, multi-layered thriller, compared in The Times to ‘Agatha Christie at her best’, and it is wonderful to see this brilliant book receiving the acclaim it deserves.”

Agnes is happy to be nominated: “This was surprising, but incredibly good news. I am very happy that the book has been so well received in England, and extremely proud to be nominated together with such good authors”.

In The Seven Doors you’ll meet Professor in Comparative literature Nina Winsløff, who is at a turning point. Her work seems decreasingly relevant, and her home, where she’s spent her entire adult life is going to be demolished. Her husband Mads, a doctor and also the Vice Mayor for Health and Social Services in the city, is busy at work, and her relationship with her cynical daughter Ingeborg is not the best. Nina and her husband also own a semi-detached house, which is rented out. The tenant – violinist Mari Nilsen – suddenly goes missing the day after Nina and her daughter pays her a visit. The police have no clues, and the investigation is slowly put to a halt. But Nina can’t rest. What happened to their tenant, who left her son behind? She starts pulling a few threads to find out, not realizing that her discoveries will have grave consequences.

The Times: The result is a clever, quirky mystery, full of twists, and reminiscent of Agatha Christie at her best.
Dagsavisen: This novel has it all! Agnes Ravatn’s gorgeous bag of goodies of a novel has everything one could wish for in humor, intelligence and suspense.

The CWA (Crime Writers Assosiation) International Dagger winner will be announced on July 1.