In a fit of rage against his widowed father, a passionate young man causes a fatal road accident that becomes a secret between him and his troubled younger sister.

The siblings develops differently after the accident. The brother Skorri starts behaving recklessly and gets into all sorts of trouble, while the sister Tinna, starts to retract into herself and becomes a writer. Skorri is concerned Tinna is revealing their secret in all her writing and torments her so much that she in the end leaves Iceland. She moves to Berlin, gets a boyfriend and starts a new life there. When Tinna suddenly disappears in Berlin, Skorri sets out to find her straight away. He soon understand that the past is about to catch up to him, leading him to take some very difficult choices.

The story of Tinna and Skorri is a story about the horror and violence of love, it is a story about the cruelty of fate, it is a story about how limited control people actually have over the course of their lives, and how much you are willing to sacrifice for the truth.