In search of stardust

Micrometeorites and other spherules

The solar system is a dusty place. Every day approximately 100 metric tons of cosmic dust collides with Earth, mainly in form of micrometeorites. Most of these mineral particles are smaller than grains of sand, and they are falling down on us all the time and all over the globe. Still, little is known about these exotic extraterrestrials.

In search of Stardust is the first comprehensive popular science book about micrometeorites. It’s also a photo documentary comprising more than 1500 previously unpublished images: the first atlas of micrometeorites, hundreds of which are depicted here in high-resolution microscopic photography and in scanning electron microscope imagery.

Author Jon Larsen shows readers how and where to look for micrometeorites, explains the history of micrometeorites, and offers chapters about micrometeorite formation, classification, and analysis.

Thanks to Larsen’s work, for the first time it is now possible for anyone to find these amazing tiny stones from space. For more than a century it was believed these incredible space objects could be found only in pristine, unsullied environs like Antarctica and ocean floors. Larsen became the first to break the code and find micrometeorites in populated areas – in fact, they can be found in the nearest rain gutter. In the book Larsen explains how anyone with a bit of inexpensive equipment can find their own little piece of cosmos and hold it in their hand.

This book is worth buying for the pictures alone; it is a fantastic aid to micrometeorite hunters"

Dr. Penny Wozniakiewicz, BBC Sky at Night magazine

In search of stardust is a visual extravaganza… and will undoubtfully wow you.

Psycics World

“You don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy In search of stardust, just someone who wonders what’s beyond Earth’s borders. The book is a reminder that space isn’t far away: If you look carefully, some of it is right in front of you.”

Washington Post

“One of the best photo projects in 2017”

The British Journal of Photography/Vogue, Italy