Tiny pieces of space rock called micrometeorites are everywhere on Earth. But before Jon Larsen devoted his life to figure out how to find them, we thought it wasn’t possible to find them. Starhunter tells the incredible story of how Jon Larsen found a method and convinced the whole scientific world.

Jon Larsen is definitely not the man you would guess would come up with the answer, being an internationally renowned jazz musician, composer, record producer and painter – and leader of the band Hot Club the Norvège.

One morning ten years ago – he found a tiny sparkling grain of sand, and started to wonder. Where did it come from? This thought started a chain reaction of incidents. Jon’s curiosity led him to find out more – and more. Until he, eight years later, found the solution on how to find micrometeorites and how to classify them.
Today the world’s top specialists (including NASA) have recognized Jon’s discoveries. Jon is now a guest researcher at the University of Oslo.

Starhunter tells the story of how his discoveries turned his life upside down. It explains the history of micrometeoritics, and offers chapters about micrometeorite formation, classification, and analysis. And it explains how it is to hold a part of cosmos in your hands.

I warmly recommend this book to anyone open to new knowledge of the world we live in.
Hoagy Carmichael’s jazz classic «Stardust», will never be the same after reading this.

Fredrik Wandrup, Dagbladet