Something about Vitus

Something about Vitus is a critically acclaimed Danish debut novel about young love, devastating secrets and taking responsibility for ones own life.

When Vitus’ girlfriend gets pregnant and insists on keeping the child, he somehow connects it to his mother’s suicide that happened eight years earlier, when he was just a child. He makes the drastic decision to leave his girlfriend and shortly after he falls in love with Emma who is also hiding something and running from reality. Together they embark on a journey that enables Vitus to finally open up and manage his demons. Just when things are falling into place for him, Emma takes him into the night and tells him something that tears his world apart and becomes crucial to both his past and future.
This book is also made into a very succesful podcast-based reconstruction called Noget om Emma (Something about Emma). The rights for this is also available.

If you want to read this year’s most beautiful book about young Danish love, then hurry up and buy this book. It is touching, beautiful, funny and tragic. And brilliantly written.

Ugebladet Søndag

In his debut novel, Sigurd Hartkorn Plaetner reveals himself as an eminent storyteller (…) Nothing in the novel’s rather complicated plot seems strained; on the contrary, the story emanates a surplus of energy and an infectious appetite for life (…) I can not remember having read such a gripping story about life’s fragility.

Kristeligt Dagblad

The story of the girl that Vitus fell in love with, loved, lost and still loves. It is a story of accepting the things you cannot change, gathering courage to change the things you can – and having the insight to see the difference. A story of how life and death can sometimes go hand in hand. ”

Quote from the podcast

One of the most important books of the year.

Carsten Jensen (Author of We, the drowned)