The Dane Army


Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen had his international breakthrough in 2017 with the critically acclaimed novel Jomsviking, set in the viking age. We follow Torstein Tormodson from his young years as a slave and mercenary of the Jomsvikings, through his life. The Dane Army is the third book in the series, which is sold to several countries.

It’s year 1007. Torstein Knarresmed is the ruler of Vingulmork, the rich coastal region to the east of Viken. He has become one of the most powerful men in Scandinavia, and his upbringing as a slave seems a faint memory. His beloved Sigrid has given him two sons, Ravntor og Bjørnar.

But unrest is nigh. Both the ambitious Eirik, Earl in Trøndelag, and the Danish King Svein Tjugeskjegg has laid their eyes on the English kingdoms. Land, once under Danish law, is to be reconquered, and the hated King Ethelred shall be thrown from his throne. And Torstein, soon to be leader of two hundred Jomsviking’s, shall once again be called to war on foreign ground.

The third book in the Jomsviking series brings the reader into the violent and dissentious time when the Scandinavian kings and earls gathered in alliances to conquer the English realms. At the same time, it is a time of great change. Christianity is spreading fast, and with it the Norse way of life will be forever altered. Torstein Knarresmed, Jomsviking and ruler of Vingulmork, shall soon be entangled in a conflict between kings and great men, old and new times.

The Dane Army is a story of a man’s love for his woman, his children and the country he grew up in, but also of the Norse resistance against a new time, and a new and foreign faith.