The Breach

The Breach is the sequel to 2017 Young Adult Book of the Year Branded, and in this book we follow main character Eirik and his friends Maria and Khalid deeper into the mysteries of the Vegandi world.

Erik’s powers and magical abilities come to him more easily than to his peers, and because of this, the Vegandi elders are wary of him. They fear he’s a spy planted by their enemies, and that the visions and dreams he keeps having are lies meant to confuse and mislead them.

Eirik and his friends must not only convince the elders that they can be trusted; they also need to deal with the threat his visions warn them of: Human servants of the old gods working to open the way and bring them back to our world again.

Despite their best efforts, the barrier between the worlds is breached, and whether or not the main characters succeed in stopping the vengeful beings waiting to come through, the world will never be the same again.

The story is still told from Erik’s perspective. Through his thoughts and observations, we join him in his quest to understand this world he’s been thrown into, in a story where the stakes are higher, the risks greater, and Erik’s wits and abilities are put to the test like never before.