Year 993. During an attack east of Viken in Norway, Torstein’s father is being brutally murdered by Olaf Trygvasson’s men. 12-year-old Torstein is taken as a slave, but opportunity arises and he manages to flee. He sets course for the Orkney Islands, to escape – and in search of his elder brother.

In Jomsviking, we follow Torstein Tormodson through his young years as slave and outlaw, and later as he becomes a warrior and mercenary of the infamous brotherhood of the Jomsvikings.
Jomsviking is the first book in a planned series. Many years of research lies behind this series, that takes us on a journey through large parts of Northern Europe.

The action is coincided with actual historical events. As a Jomsviking, Torstein is involved in the power struggle between the Nordic kings and earls, leading up to a violent naval battle at Svolder year 999.

“Impressive, trustworthy and well-written!”

Tom Egeland, VG

“Magnificent new series about our warrior ancestors! Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen’s new Viking novel is a real pageturner.”

Cathrine Kröger, Dagbladet

“Jomsviking – A comprehensive and fascinating epic novel! Anyone who wants excitement, drama, rich descriptions of the environment, and reflected description on characters, gets it in Bull-Hansen’s magnificent novel Jomsviking.”

Finn Stenstad, Tønsbergs blad

Jomsviking swipes you off your feet … The language is concise and sober … The descriptions are so direct and honest that you can actually feel the taste of blood in your mouth … I’m very impressed. If I were to recommend only one book this summer—it would be this one!

Trude Helen Hole, Author