The Servant of Darkness

After four months in a youth psychiatric ward, Martin returns to Hommelvik.
He doesn’t remember much from the last summer holiday and hasn’t had any contact with Rebecca.

When he learns she has disappeared and that there are rumors that she killed her cousin, Martin tries to find Rebecca – and discovers that dark, dangerous forces are ravaging the village. Who broke curfew and smashed his bedroom window? Who is the mysterious girl he is having such strange dreams about? And why can’t he get rid of the nauseating feeling in his stomach that makes him forget so much?
The Game of Death is a paranormal horror trilogy reminiscent of the very best we’ve seen of youth books from the US and England. The Servant of Darkness is the third and final book in this series.

The result is a scary, apocalyptic tale in which dark forces ravage several generations through a Ouija board. As a contrast to all of the betrayal, envy, and fear, we meet a couple that reminds us of Bella Swan and the vampire Edward Cullen from the Twilight series.


Elvedal’s universe is brilliant in all three books, but she really hit the mark with this one. … masterful literary work.


The tension rises up to an ending where everyone gets something: The crime lover gets a resolution, the horror lover gets to know what the ghosts want, and fantasy lovers get to know what it takes to master their supernatural abilities.


The Servant of Darkness sets the stage for excitement and terrifying parallel realities. Readers who can handle monsters and horror can expect an intense reading experience.